Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nike Air Mags to become real in 2016

A few days ago we celebrated the Back to the Future day, where we sadly noticed many of the movie predictions for 2015 didn't pan out as expected. However, it seems that Nike's self-lacing Air Mag shoes are indeed about to become real, in 2016.

In the 80's, Back to the Future presented us the year 2015 with flying cars and hoverboards, that would fill our imagination for the next decades. Among those things was also the automatic lacing Air Mag shoes, that were even more impressive as they'd get rid of something we had to do every day.

Over the following decades, many have tried to replicate these self-lacing shoes, usually with weird contraptions that were far from being practical. But more recently, Nike itself began looking into it, and it seems that they might become available next year.

Till then, one of the existing pairs belongs - quite appropriately  - to Michael J. Fox, that showed us how they work in Jimmy Kimmel TV show. The money made from these shoes will be directed to Michael J. Fox's Foundation, that devotes itself to trying to find a cure to Parkinsons disease.

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