Monday, October 5, 2015

iPhone 6S is (secretly) water resistant?

Just shortly after Sony clarified their waterproof smartphones shouldn't really be used underwater it seems Apple has gone the opposite way, and made their new iPhone 6S highly resilient to water immersion, though it haven't even mentioned it publicly.

There have been lots of videos where the new iPhones 6S are subject to all sorts of abuse, but when the time came to put them underwater - surprise, surprise - they just kept working, and working, for over 1h without any apparent issues.

And the trick seems to be a new kind of seal used in the iPhone 6S, together with added water protection in critical components and plugs, that make the new iPhone much more resistant to water than any previous model. This doesn't mean you should use your iPhone 6S underwater (and that's probably why Apple doesn't even want to mention "water resistant/water proof"), but it should be enough to make it much more likely to survive an accidental "drop in the bucket" if the bucket happens to be full of water.

... It also means it should handle light rain or a misty bathroom a lot better.

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