Saturday, October 3, 2015

Freevolt pulls electricity out of thin air

Tired of replacing batteries that go out at the worst possible time; tired of recharging devices that should have made us forget the burden of using wired connections? Well, maybe Freevolt will finally be able to help with that, as it can literally pull energy out of thin air.

No, this isn't a miracle device than bends the laws of Physics. Freevolt relies on something lots of other projects are working on: harvesting the RF waves that constantly surround us, and turning them into electricity.

You can look at it as a wireless electricity receiver that doesn't need a specific emitter; it can harvest RF radiation from 0.5-5GHz, which means it can use your WiFi router as a power source, as well as any and all other devices broadcasting RF. This is the good news; the bad news is that this RF radiation can only provide about 100 microwatts of power.

This is a tiny amount that wouldn't even help to keep your smartphone charged, but it's already enough for a wide range of application, like wireless sensors (smoke, temperature, humidity, etc.) and even wireless cameras - though it this case relying on a system that would charge up an internal battery and the use that charge to grab a frame (should be enough for something requiring only a frame every 10 minutes or so.)

Of course, that's assuming you'll have WiFi or cell towers around. If not, there's no power to harvest (at least, not of this kind.)

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