Monday, October 12, 2015

Overcast goes free on the App Store

If you're tired of using Apple's podcast app, you'll like to know that Overcast for iOS is now completely free to use.

Though I'm not, personally, a big fan of podcast (mostly due to lack of free time), Overcast is considered to be the best podcast app out there, putting to shame the one Apple provides to iOS users.

Till now, users had to pay roughly $5 to get access to Overcast more advanced features, which, as it's creator Marco Arment say left about 80% of users using a less than ideal apps. So, for its new Overcast 2 version, he decided to try a different route: the app is now completely free, with everyone having access to all its advanced features. In return, should you wish to contribute to the app development and improvement, you can do so by donating $1 whenever you feel like it.

This seems a good approach to the all in-app-purchase thing that has become the norm these days; and in fact, in kind of makes us wish that in the future more and more apps would follow this same route, giving users full access to their apps and allowing them to set the "right price" for what they get. Who knows... developers might end up pleasantly surprised by the results.

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