Saturday, October 17, 2015

Windows 7 and 8 upgrading to Windows 10 by "mistake"

If you're annoyed when you head to your computer and find that it rebooted due to an automatic Windows update; just imagine how you'd feel if your Windows 7 or 8 computer now booted into Windows 10? That's what happening to lots of users, and Microsoft says it was "just a mistake".

Windows users are already used to have their computers begging them to reboot to install updated, but in the last batch of updates, Windows was updating itself to Windows 10.

Windows updates are separated in Important and Optional sections, and the problem was that the upgrade to Windows 10 was being selected by default in the optional section. A section most users don't even look into, meaning it could easily go unnoticed. If it did, you'd be unwillingly upgrading your machine to Windows 10.

Sure, it's nice to have the free Windows 10 upgrade, and I recommend you do so. But that's something each user should do only when and if they so desire, and not tricked into doing by a hidden "optional update". Microsoft says it was simply a mistake and that it's been fixed - but one can't stop wondering that this is definitely a very suspicious mistake to make.

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