Friday, November 13, 2015

Apple is working on a Venmo-style service for 2016

After Apple Pay, Apple is now working to make it easier for anyone to transfer money between friends or colleagues. This Venmo-style service should be introduced next year, and become part of the existing iMessage service.

There are lots of money transfer services. So many that the problem is that it may be hard for people to be using the same service. A bit like what happens with instant messages: there are so many services out there (FB Messenger, Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) but when you need to make sure someone will receive a message... you may end up resorting to the simpler but reliable SMS, that you'll know anyone will be able to receive.

That's what Apple may be shooting for with this new money transfer service, that would be perfectly at home if it was included in iMessage. Just like you can easily share texts, images, locations, you would just as easily send or request money. And although this wouldn't be a cross-platform service, it sure would have all the Apple weight and large user base with already-filled payment info in its favor.

... I'm just sad that these services take "forever" to become available in other countries (we don't even have Apple Pay available here in Portugal - even though we all have NFC enable wireless debit and credit cards, and even transfer/payment services that allow you to pay using nothing but your phone number instead of your card).

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