Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to automate your life like a programmer

Though it may not seem like it to many, computers are supposed to help us and take care of the "boring stuff". And to prove there are people out there that really put that into action, here's a curious story about you can take that to next level.

The story goes like this. When a programmer left for another company, his co-workers went to check his computer and found a curious assortment of scripts.

For instance, there was a script that would automatically send a message to his wife telling he was late at work, using a randomly selected justification from a list of preset justification; that was triggered whenever there were still active server session with his login after 9PM.

Another script scanned his email inbox for mails sent by a customer containing words like "help", "problem", "sorry", and if found it would automatically connect to the customer's server and revert back to the last backup, sending an email like "it's fixed, take better care next time."

There was also one called that would send an email saying "not feeling very well, might work from home today", also with a randomly selected justification, if no active session of his would be found by 8:45 AM. And last but not least, there was also a script that would wait 17 seconds and send a cryptic command to the office coffee machine to start brewing is coffee, and 24 seconds later would begin pouring it into the cup. A very precise timing that was the exact time to walk from his desk to the coffee machine.

As always, we can never be sure if this was actually real or just na internet urban legend. But the fact is, you can find scripts to do all this on GitHub, should you want to put them to use.. :)

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