Friday, November 27, 2015

How to reduce screen brightness to less than minimum on the iPhone and iPad

Having a hard time falling asleep after using your iPhone or iPad to read on the bed (or just before)? You might have its screens to blame, as the brightness - even at its lowest setting - can have adverse effects on your circadian cycles. But thankfully, there way to reduce the screen brightnesse even further, and it doesn't involve wearing sunglasses at night.

If you find even the lowest brightness setting on your iPhone or iPad to be too bright to use in complete darkness, you'll need to head into the  acessibility options (Settings->General->Acessibility).

Them, though it won't make much sense, you'll need to go into the Zoom Section, and access it's menu by triple tapping with three fingers.

You'll finally have access to the "Choose Filter" where you can select the  "Low Light" filter and remove the zoom level so it will keep showing the entire screen unchanged.

Then you can simply link the zoom accessibility mode to the triple-click Home Button shortcut, and whenever you want to dim your screen to night mode, just triple click the home button (and repeat to put it back in regular brightness mode). ... Yes, it would be a lot simpler for Apple to simply dim the brightness even further in complete darkness... but I guess they can't be bothered with it.

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