Thursday, November 26, 2015

Czech pirate needs you to watch his video to evade his fines

A czech pirate cought by the authorities had a curious sentence, where he may evade the heavy fines if a anti-piracy video he made is watched at least 200,000 times.

Like many other, Jakub F was a person that felt that there was no harm in pirating stuff on the internet, till the day the authorities barged in and confiscated all his equipment. Convicted on the court, he faced heavy fines, which he can get rid of should his video reach 200k views.

It's a pretty compelling anti-piracy video, or so it would seem considering we can't understand a single word of it (not surprisingly considering czech is written using inverted accents over letter like C, Z, e R, and small round circles over U's.)

Any way, it isn't too much to ask, and his video has already been watched nearly 150k times. So, give the man a hand (view) and play his video a couple of times.

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