Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Google's Star Wars easter egg makes results show far, far away

Google really seems to be getting into the whole Star Wars craze, and after allowing us to choose which side of the Force we prefer, ir presents us some far, far way, easter eggs.

Just like you can do a "barrel roll" search to make your screen spin around, you can now see search results in the iconic perspective scrolling fashion popularized by the Star Wars movies intro. All you have to do is search for:

  • a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Just like many other easter eggs, there's nothing useful to this trick... except for the fact that it will make you look kind of cool for knowing this sort of secrets; and provided you're surrounded by the right kind of crowd - the same kind that may, for example, be willing to attend the movie premiere dressed like an iconic Star Wars character. Just keep in mind most movie theaters now have policies againsta cosplayers wearing masks hiding their faces... An unfortunate sign of the time we live in.

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