Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ShiftWear wants to create sneakers with HD flexible screens

Crowdfunded projects should always be approached carefully, and now we have a new one that hopes to create futuristic sneakers with an embedded display that seems to good to be true. And when it does... it usually is.

These ShiftWear sure look very cool in the mockups: sneakers made of flexible color e-Ink displays that can show any image - or even videos - you want. The thing is, while it may technically be possible to create something of sorts, this projects doesn't mind throwing all sorts of extras that seem to simply reassure it will be just like you'd hope it to be. Let's see...

Battery life up to 30 days; wireless charging, "walk to charge" technology, water proof and machine washable... you name it. We'd sure love to have it all, but considering the current status of flexible displays, I can't really blame anyone calling it bullsh*t.

Additionally, the only thing we get to know about the project's creator(s) is that they claim to be a groups of "entrepreneurs, futurists and engineers"... which almost begs the question: why not add scammers in there as well? I sure would love for something like this to be true, but I'm glad that no one has backed this project (at least so far.) Also, this project doesn't help Indiegogo's already low credibility when it comes to hosting dodgy projects - there's not even a hint of a working prototype in sight.

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