Wednesday, November 4, 2015

iTunes terms and conditions gets comics adaptation

Any service's terms and conditions are, as some put it, "a way to train users to click 'accept' on everything that pops up on their screens". But now, someone shows us how different things could be, if these terms and conditions came in a more appealing format.

This graphic adaptation for iTune's terms and conditions makes us wish this would become the norm in a world where these lengthy documents are never read by the users. Not only would some be more inclined to take a peek at what they're agreeing to, but you could probably even choose what graphic style you'd prefer. In this case, each page is drawn using different styles from very popular comics.

... I guess this will be the first time many long time iTunes users will ever get a glimpse to what they've agreed to when they click accept on the iTunes terms and conditions. :)

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