Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Microsoft ends OneDrive unlimited storage and cuts free capacity from 15 to 5GB

The cloud may be the future, but it looks like it will be a bumpy road till we get there, as Microsoft has just showed by going back on its word and terminates the unlimited storage plan, and cuts the storage capacity for both free and paying customers.

As more and more companies try to lure users into the cloud, with ever growing storage capacity (users now snap more photos than ever, and are now beginning to record their videos in Ultra HD 4K, easily filling hundreds of gigabytes per year), Microsoft seems to think this is the perfect time to do the opposite and end its unlimited storage plan and cut the free 15GB limit to just 5GB.

Apparently, MS is pissed off with some users that do make use of the "unlimited storage" and have up to 75TB in their OneDrive account - but instead of dealing with those excessive users, it thinks it's best to ruin the service to everyone. Now, unlimited users will only be able to store 1TB (having one year to cut down if their over this limit), and e stored in their O a Microsoft está chateada por haver utilizadores que realmente estão a dar uso ao seu espaço "ilimitado" (diz que há casos em que isso chega aos 75TB), while paid customers lose the 100 and 200GB tiers, now reduced to a single 50GB tier; and free accounts drop from 15 to just 5GB.

This new free limit is particularly curious, as MS indirectly states that OneDrive users have 5.3GB of data, on overage, on OneDrive - so, this limit means that, all users will already have to manage their files and do some tidying up.

No one would blame MS for stating that the "unlimited" plan had some "acceptable use policy" to prevent abuse; but this way, all it does is to ruin all trust users might have had on OneDrive. After all, not only does this serves as a reminder that cloud storage providers can simply "change their minds" for free users, but even for paying customers as well.

Not to say that other companies will behave better, but should you happen to be choosing where you're going to store your files in the cloud, this incident will certainly affect your decision...

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