Monday, November 2, 2015

Magik Blocks let's you play with wooden blocks on the iPad

If you thinks are missing the physical aspect when they're playing with tablets, you're right - and Magic Blocks is here to help, combining tablet play with the trusted good old wood blocks.

There are lots of tablet apps and games for youngsters, but these Magik Blocks from Magickbee (a Portuguese startup) are unique in the sense that it combines the desirability of an interactive tablet game, that kids love so much, with the manipulation of real world physical objects.

Each wood block has embedded magnets that allow the tablet to recognize its shape, position and orientation, and the Magic Blocks app can present an interactive adventure, where kids will be asked to form specific shapes using the blocks in order to progress in the game (or puzzles).

It's a simple concept but quite effective. Now, we only need to wait till they launch their crowdfunding campaign to turn these "magical" Magik Block a reality, and I'm sure there will be no shortage of people wanting ones for Christmas. :)

Update: they're now available on Indiegogo.

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