Thursday, December 17, 2015

Magick Play let's you play with wooden blocks on the iPad

Do you recall the magical Magik Blocks from Magikbee, a portuguese project that wants to combine the traditional wooden blocks with tablets, for enhanced playing? Well, it has just arrived on Indiegogo.

With Magik Play, playing with a tablet no longer means the lack of physical stimulus. Instead of playing around with digital wooden blocks that exist solely on screen, kids will be able to play with real wooden blocks that will provide added interaction with the digital world. It's a great way for them to play with the tablets they so much love, but still working their motor skills handling different shaped physical objects.

Prices are quite acceptable, a Magik Play kit starts at just $25 (if you're fast enough to grab one of the super early bird units), or else you'll need to pay $30 or $37. Keep in mind you're not just buying a set of wood blocks, but also paying for all the effort put into the app development, that is actually the "tricky part".

The goal is to reach $37,000 and I'm sure that this is will be a successful project, and one without delays to complain about.

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