Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Developers leaving the Mac App Store

Looks like Apple is having trouble replicating iOS's App Store success on OS X, as more and more developers ditch the Mac App Store and go back to selling their apps directly on their own sites.

The iOS influence on OS X has been easily noticed over the past few years; and you'd expect the App Store to be one of the "sure things". Unfortunately, Apple's lack of communication seems to be taking its toll, as developers grow tired and decide to move away and remove their apps from the Mac App Store.

I think everyone is well aware that the App Store was, perhaps, iOS's biggest feature. Can you still remember when the iPhone was first launched and all you could do was use it's few pre-installed apps? The App Store was the spark needed to turn it into the device it is today; but it's transition to the desktop seems to be marred by the usual Apple tardiness. Developers complain the update approval process is too slow (you may need to deploy an urgent bug fix, but have to endure 1 week waiting time to do so); the lack of basic features such as refunds or trial periods, etc. And that's on top of the usual 30% cut Apple takes.

It would be very curious to see one of iOS's greatest features to be a complete flop on the Mac; but it's up to Apple to continue ignoring the developers... or do something about it, before it's too late.

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