Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to keep your 15GB on OneDrive

Last month. Microsoft surprised us by announcing it would end the unlimited storage plan on and reduce the free plan from15GB to just 5GB. Something that caused a lot of concern among users, and finally MS seems to have come to its senses.

Microsoft said this change was caused by a small number of users that were abusing the service, some using OneDrive to store up to 75TB of data; but that didn't help explain why MS decided to slash the regular users - not abusing the system - their storage space. In fact, MS itself said most users kept 5.3GB of data on average, which would mean their new allotted 5GB wouldn't even be able to cater for the average user.

This also ruined user's trust on MS regarding cloud services; as, if they decided to change the conditions once, it meant nothing stops them from doing the same again a few months from now. That, together with over 72 thousand votes from users seem to have made MS reconsider...

OneDrive user will be able to keep their 15GB free space, provided they actively request it by going here:

You'll have till January 31st to do it; or else you still have your storage space reduced to 5GB.

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