Tuesday, December 8, 2015

iTunes Match and Apple Music can now handle 100,000 tracks

If there's something the Internet has proven is that, no matter how high any limit is, there will always be someone who will reach it. For a long time, music lovers had to endure the 25,000 tracks limit on iTunes Match and Apple Music, but now Apple is bumping it to 100,000 tracks.

If you think about it, 25K tracks isn't really that much, particularly if you're fond of music albums with dozens of tracks and have compiled thousands of CDs over the past decades. Now, you may have better luck transferring all your music to iTunes or Apple Music.

In June, Apple said it was working on raising that limit to 100 thousand tracks and it seems that promise is finally in effect, allowing anyone to add up to 100k tracks to their accounts - for iTunes Match and Apple Music users, that is. This 100 thousand tracks is also twice the amount Google allows on its Google Play Music, which certainly isn't a coincidence.

Of course, if you do have so much music in your collection, you may not be too fond of having to pay a monthly or yearly fee to listen to what you have already paid for. If that's the case, you may be better off simply storing your preferred tracks on you smartphone, so you can listen to it as you wish without worrying about how much data you're gobbling up. Sure, you probably won't be able to fit your entire collection on your device - especially on a 16GB iPhone - but at least you won't have to pay again for something you already paid for.

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