Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mozilla ends Firefox OS smartphone program

It's sad, but it looks like Mozilla has finally faced the facts, and decided to end the development of Firefox OS smartphones.

Since the very beginning we all knew it wouldn't be easy for Mozilla to get a foothold in a market already dominated by Android and iOS, and where even giants like Microsoft are struggling to push their devices. However, the promise of an open-source platform that hope to make the web its central point was something many would love to see succeed (just wait till you want to switch platforms and lose all the investment you made in apps over the years).

Unfortunately, such dream couldn't become a reality if there was no one using it, and it didn't help that most Firefox OS smartphones were ultra-low-cost devices where the Firefox OS experience left a lot to be desired, leading to poor sales and ultimately Firefox OS own demise.

Mozilla isn't calling in quits on the entire project, saying it will still explore using Firefox OS in other "connected devices", but it's hard to imagine things will be any different no matter which other devices they try to push it on. Considering Android is also open-source, and you could easily use it provide any similar web experience, wouldn't you also prefer to use it for any project over Firefox OS? Sadly... it's the hard truth...

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