Friday, December 11, 2015

Kickstarter hires journalist to investigate Zano multi-million failure

Crowdfunding has took the world by storm and allowed thousands of projects to become a reality; but there still those that fail to fulfill its promises, even after receiving several millions, like the Zano mini-drone project on Kickstarter.

Zano was the most funded European project so far, with over 2 million pounds, but still... it failed. Now, it seems Kickstarter doesn't want to lose it's backers trust (trust is something that takes years to gain, but can be lost in an instant) and so it has hired an investigative reporter to tell the story of what went wrong - and also point out if Kickstarter could have/should have done things differently.

The point is to try and prevent the same sort of mistakes from happening again in future projects; and at the same time trying to show that they do care about the backers that feel cheated with these projects - something that other platforms, like Indiegogo, make no point in handling: they just seem to care about their percentage and that's it.

Now we just have to wait to find out his findings... whatever it may be...

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