Saturday, December 12, 2015

Qwertycards lets you create secure passwords offline

There's nothing than using a simple password (maybe just using it for multiple sites and services) and now there's an easy way to fix it... using these Qwertycards to help you create secure passwords.

There are lots of ways to improve your online safety, like using a password manager or enabling 2-factor authentication whenever available (highly recommended). These Qwertycards try and help you create secure passwords using a sort of algorithm some may already use in their heads.

Each printed card is unique and comes with a prefix code and a coded qwerty keyboard. The idea is, whenever you need to create a password, you use the prefix code, followed by a easier to remember "secret word", and then the site name as coded by the provided "keyboard".

For instance, for the above card and for the site ABC you'd get:
  • sh(/J3Hq + "secret" + .*m
    (Prefix code as seen os the space bar + your secret word + ABC as "typed" in its keys)

As always, there are always drawbacks. Should anyone steal your card, they'll be able to narrow down your password possibilities quite significantly, and maybe even lock you out of your services (they provide you with a secondary card you should keep in a safe place.) In any case, unless you do value this offline approach, you might be better off using a password manager - or even use a lower tech approach, of memorizing just a single secret password for your main email account (together with 2-factor authentication), and then use completely random passwords when you sign up for a service (using your email)... When you need to access them again, you just choose the forgot password option... :)

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