Monday, December 14, 2015

North Carolina town rejects solar farm - some residents fear it would suck energy from the sun and stop plants from growing

In Woodland, North Carolina, it seems some people fear solar panels will suck up all the energy from the Sun.

The town rejected the installation of a solar farm, and some local residents expressed their concern that solar farms can "suck up" all the energy from the sun. A retired science teacher went as far as saying solar panels can prevent plants photosynthesis and stop them from growing - something she says to have observed, with brown and dead plants surrounding other solar farms; and, to top it off, she says she's suspicious about it causing cancer as well.

Well... I would be surprised to see this coming from anyone, but coming from a science teacher makes me wonder what kind of science she has taught her students over the years she was in service!

Thankfully it seems the town rejecting the installation of this solar farm had nothing to do with these claims; as it had previously approved a few other solar farms. It seems the cause for rejection were purely economical, in the sense that they wouldn't benefit much (if at all) from it. However, in a time where we desperately need to move away from "dirty power"; maybe it would be the perfect time to consider that promoting solar power, even without any benefits at all, maybe prove to be a wise choice in the long run... (or better still, to be the only way to ensure we still have a long run ahead of us.)

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