Thursday, January 7, 2016

Assist is a bot that requires no dedicated app

Tired of having hundreds of apps you don't even remember what for? Assist gets away from that and is a digital assistant you can use without installing any new app.

How can a digital assistant help you without using an app? That's easy. Assist is a chat bot that allows you to do things like getting a ride, order food, buy tickets, find restaurants, book hotels (and more), but it does that via the messaging app you're probably already using, like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, or even SMS.

Sure, this type of system won't be suitable for every kind of service, but for those like a virtual digital assistant (and lots more) it seems the way to go, as seen by the success this system has in countries like China.

Just think about it. Most people already spend most of their time inside a messaging app talking with their friends. Whenever you need something, what's easier: to try and remember which apps you have installed and which is the one suitable to make a dinner reservation; or to simply request so from one of you contacts on the app you're using right now?... So, be ready to see bots and more bots reaching all messaging services this year, for all sorts of tasks.

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