Friday, January 8, 2016

Remix OS turns your PC into an Android desktop for free

The Remix Mini wanted to be a $20 mini PC, but Jide is now making an even bigger step, allowing anyone to turn their computer into an Android machine for free with the Remix OS.

The Remix OS for PC is an Android that was specifically tailored to be used in a regular computer (desktops and laptops). This means it has all the things we take for granted on a desktop OS, like a "desktop" and the ability to run multiple apps in resizeable windows - the sort of thing we find Android lacks when we try to use it a bit less like a mobile device and more like a computer.

In fact, Remix OX ends up being suspiciously similar to the thing many hoped to have: the unification of Chrome OS and Android, making a system suitable for all kinds of devices. And if it is successful, it may very well inspire Google to follow the same path and make Android a viable choice for desktop machines.

We'll soon be able to put it to the test, as Remix OS will be available on Jan. 12th, and all you need is a 8GB USB pen drive. Then you just need to boot your computer from it, and you'll have an Android OS showing up on your screen in a few seconds.

Ever wished to see how Android would work in a computer with a powerful Intel Core CPU and 8GB RAM? Now it's you chance... and we hope the result lives up to the expectations. :)

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