Thursday, January 28, 2016

Backblaze now lends you a hard drive to get your data back

Backblaze is an online cloud backup service that allows you to keep your entire data safe (unlimited storage) for $5 per month, and now it makes it even easier to get your data back by lending you an hard drive to speed up the data recovery process.

One can imagine than an unlimited backup service will attract people having terabytes and terabytes of data. For those, recovering their data via download may become problematic if the have to get terabytes of data using a slow internet connection. That's why Backblaze has always had a restore by mail option, where you could ask them to send a USB pen or hard drive with your data.

The issue is, you had to pay $99 for a USB pen (up to 128GB) and $189 for a hard drive (up to 4TB), and you'd get to keep those afterwards. Though this isn't a bad deal, there are those that already have enough USB pens and hard drives, and would just like to have their data back as fast as possible. So now Backblaze has a new option where you can return the hard drives and get your money back.

So, effectively, Backblaze is just lending you the disks, and although you have to pay for the return shipping, it's a much better deal in order to speed up the data recovery process and avoid waiting days or weeks download all your data.

That being said... you do have your backups in order, don't you? Don't wait till you turn on your computer one day and find your hard drive or SSD is gone. That's the day you'll regret not having opted for something like Backblaze.

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