Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Safari is crashing worldwide for iOS and Mac users

If you're a Safari user, you may find that your browser is practically unusable today, crashing constantly. But don't start messing around with your computer, the problem is on Apple's side.

People all over the world have been reporting that their Safari is crashing on iOS and OS X (probably also on Windows as well) as soon as they try to write anything in the address bar. The bug seems to be related to Safari's automatic suggestions as you type - with one possible workaround being precisely disabling Safari suggestions (or use Safari's private browsing mode; or use a different browser).

Update: Apple says it has fixed the problem.

In any case it's quite odd that a bug on Apple's servers would cause the browser to crash (would it be that difficult to consider Apple's "suggestion" server might be down or send some sort of corrupt data?) but it serves to show that no one - not even big tech companies like Apple - are free from messing up. And the worst part is that, although that might happen very rarely, with it does happen it has the potential to disrupt the lives of millions of people all over the world.

... Guess the clock is ticking till we face a truly seriou bug that will paralyze the planet; and I'm not talking about Facebook being offline (or even Google, which would already be pretty scary) but something like a bug that makes DNS stop working, leaving the whole world without access to the servers and services they rely upon.

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