Monday, January 25, 2016

Bosch active gas pedal alerts to dangerous situations and saves fuel

In the future, cars may not have a steering wheel nor pedals, but until then we can certainly appreciate all the help we can get, even if that means having haptic feedback gas pedals.

Driving is something that relies on keeping our eyes on the road, and where being distracted for even a couple of seconds might have fatal consequences (for us as well as others). So, we welcome every help technology can provide, including Bosch's new active gas pedal with force feedback.

Instead of having to worry about a warning light coming up on the dashboard, adding to the information overload, this gas pedal can signal the driver to a number of potential dangerous situations - as well as tips on how to save fuel - without even looking. The pedal can convey information through the driver's foot through knocking, vibration, and counterpressure.

This means you may feel the gas pedal vibrating if you're speeding or approaching a tight curve over the recommended speed; or have a better "feel" when a hybrid vehicle is about to start its gas engine, so you can ease up the pressure and prevent it from happening, saving fuel. When integrated with a more connected car system it can even alert you for hazards such as someone driving on the wrong on that same road.

So... don't be surprised if the next time you step on the gas, the gas pedal steps back onto you. :)

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