Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cheap high power LED lamps

We already know LED lamps are the future, but sometimes it's not easy to find high powered LED lamps at affordable prices. Well... let me give you a hand with it, as there are indeed high power - and cheap - LED lamps out there.

There are no shortage of LED lamps, at various price ranges - just the other day we talked about LED strips for the kitchen). The problem is that most of them are suitable for replacing 40-60W incandescent light bulbs and should you want to replace an existing 100W lamp, those won't provide enough light. But that can be easily fixed.

This 9W LED lamp an provide 800lm, roughly the same as a 60W lamp, and it will cost you just $2. Just make sure you select the adequate "warm white/cool white" so you won't get the wrong kind of light in the room you're planning to use them.

For $2.73 thing start to get brighter, as you can get this 12W LED lamp with 18x SMD LEDs (5630) that produce 980lm.

And for $3.55, you can enter the "100W" territory with this 15W LED lamp, which is slightly larger than the previous ones, but can produce 1200lm - roughly the same you get with a 100W incandescent lamp.

And should you need even more, how about this "monster" LED lamp with 338 SMD LEDs? Just be sure you're wearing sunglasses when you're nearby. (Though in this case, you better be ready to pay the price for having a small "sun" in your living room.

There are many more LED lamps for great prices in these sites, and not only for your home. There are also lots of nice priced lamps for other applications, like headlight LED lamps for cars, fog lights, and much more.

... LED lamps are no longer the "future", they are the present. :)

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