Monday, January 18, 2016

Ambee brings animated light scenes to Philips Hue

Want to explore the luminous possibilites the Philips Hue lamp system allows? Then you'll definitely need to try the Ambee app and its amazing animated lighting scenes.

The Philips Hue system allows you to easily add lots of color to your home, but it's official app is very basic and won't do a very good job of showing you what it can actually do. Thankfully there are other apps that can improve on that, like the Ambee app on iOS.

The Ambee app allows you to choose different lighting moods, but unlike the Philips app, these scenes are animated, meaning your lamps will slowly shift colors and create an improved ambiance suitable for relaxing, romantic situations, or simply to show off to your friends. If you're thinking you've heard of something similar before, you'll like to know that the Ambee app comes from Tomas Baran, which was responsible for the Goldee app.

Of course, the main ingredient to use this app is having a set of Philips Hue lamp; and from then on, you just need do start playing around with it. Tomas is already working on a update that will allow us to create multiple room settings - one of the most requested features and that will allow an easier management for those having dozens of Hue lamps at home.

The Ambee app costs $19,99 but we have some promocodes to offer:
  4. 3M9HJAWM33XT
  5. 9PEN9J3TW6K9
  6. 3L9FPH63K7F4
(Just let me know when you've used any, so I can scratch it off the list.)

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