Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Apple recognizes iPhone 6S battery percentage bug

If you thought your iPhone 6S came with unlimited battery life, sadly it's not the case. Apple has already acknowledged a bug that may keep the battery percentage unchanged in your iPhone's status bar... until it runs out of juice.

This bug has been reported by users since the iPhone 6S launch, and it seems Apple has finally agreed that there is something going on.  Apparently the bug is somehow related to the date and time settings, and Apple's workaround is to restart the iPhone and confirm that it's date and time are Set Automatically - something you can check and change on: Settings > General > Date & Time.

It's quite odd to see something like a battery percentage stuck on the same value related to the date and time settings; and even more so that this happens just on the iPhone 6S series (shouldn't the same code be used on the previous iPhones as well?) But, as least Apple says it's working on fixing it, which should be done sooner rather than later.

Of course, you still have the option to simply disable the battery percentage, as there's no real point in micro-managing its level (which is just a rough approximation anyway). You wouldn't be the first to see your iPhone last for hours while on 1%, or to see it suddenly shut down while it still showd 10 ou 15% of battery left. (True, it will recalibrate itself once you do a couple of full charge-discharge cycles, though the best for you battery is not to wait till it goes down to zero, and instead recharge whenever possible.)

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