Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Movi is a pocket-sized multi camera studio

Ever wondered what it would take to become a live TV show director? Now you can, and all it takes is the small Movi live event camera.

The Movi would easily go unnoticed, but that's only until people start seeing what it can do. It's true it's a single camera, but it uses its 4K resolution in a really clever way, to automatically create multiple viewpoints that act as virtual cameras. The end results is you using its companion app and feel as if you had an entire team of camera men at your disposal.

The Movi will detect faces and track them as they move around, and it can even work in full automatic editing mode, allowing you to lean back and enjoy some time off (it can stream directly to 4G or via WiFi). But you can also jump in at any time and take over, choosing which views to cut to, and pan and zoom around.

With a pre-order price os just $199, I have no doubt there will be lots of people interested in it - and let's hope it will inspire other camera manufacturers to improve their software a bit; as they seem to have been stuck in the "dark ages" of photography, doing just the bare essentials instead of innovating as the Movi has done.

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