Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Right Cup scented cups turn water into juice

If one of you new year's resolutions consists in cutting down on sugary drink, maybe all you need is The Right Cup to do it. These cups use a very simple trick to fool our brains into thinking regular drinking water is sweet tasting juice.

Most people are well aware of the importance the sense of smell has on taste. Just plug up your nose while eating and try to figure out what it actually tastes like (don't be surprised, even food experts would be challenged to get it right). This project The Right Cup uses that in the opposite way, to make it easier for anyone wanting to replace sugary drinks with water.

Everyone knows water is the perfect drink, however, it may not be easy to simply turn off all the years of drinking sodas. So, what the The Right Cup does is to trick our brain into thinking you're drinking juice by releasing a pleasant fruity aroma.

The scented aroma is embedded in the actual plastic cup, and it will last for 6 months or more. And the key part is that it won't mess with the actual water: you'll still be drinking just plain water, as pure as you can get it on the cup. All the "sweetness" you taste is actually coming from your brain interpreting the aroma it can sense in the cup. Meaning, nearly all the advantages... but with actual zero calories to deal with (as well as no other kind of chemicals that sodas have.)

A 2-cups pack of the Right Cup can be had for just $49, with deliveries scheduled to start on April 2016.

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