Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Apple was sued over a cracked Apple Watch screen... and lost

If you visit Apple's Apple Watch page you'll no longer find a reference to "being resistant to scratches and impact", and that's because a customer sued them over a cracked Apple Watch screen, and won!

Some people have had the unpleasant chance to verify that, no matter how much better the strengthened glass is, it still scratches and breaks, sometimes in the very first day of use. For Gareth Cross, it took a little bit longer, but we can guess he wasn't pleased when he found out his Apple Watch had a scratched and cracked screen just 10 days after he bought it. To make it even worse, Apple told him that wasn't covered by the warranty... and things progressed to court.

One would think a single person wouldn't stand a chance fighting a multi-billion dollar corporation, but the court sided with Gareth, in part because Apple officially stated that the Apple Watch was resistant to scratches and impact. And so, Apple was forced to pay up the cost of an Apple Watch plus court expenses.

The most surprising part is that this time this happened on this side of the Atlantic, in the UK, and not in the US. Guess Apple will start have to double check whatever it says about it's devices, and do a bit more like the iPhone's water-resistant capabilities (it is water resistant, but Apple doesn't claim it to be, so it won't have to face cases like this one.)

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