Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Microsoft is testing underwater data centers

We may not yet have underwater cities to dwell upon, but if Microsoft has its way, we may soon have underwater data centers to process and store our data.

There's an ever growing need for computer power, and that means building more and more data centers. And Microsoft takes it a step forward (or downward) by suggesting we submerge these data centers in the ocean.

It may sound crazy, when we consider that data centers spend more energy trying to keep the temperatures cool enough for computers than actually powering the computers, it soon begins to make sense. We can look at these submerged data center pods as an extreme case of water cooling, and it require just the power for the computers and none for the cooling. Besides, as data centers get farther and and farther away from the main populated areas, there are increased costs for the infrastructure for power anda data; while relying on submerged data center would allow them to be placed right next to most coastal cities.

Microsoft has already some tests on a submerged pod for over 3 months and the results are better than expected. So, we may soon start seeing underwater data centers become increasingly popular. Just be ready to see diving skills listed as a requirement for data center technicians in the coming years - and reevaluate the meaning of a data "leak" should it happen on one of these pods. :)

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