Monday, February 8, 2016

Internet Archive now holds a Malware Collection from MS-DOS time

MS-DOS is now fading into the distant memory of pre-Windows times of computers, but Internet Archive is now holding on to some of its most memorable viruses and malware.

The Internet Archive tries its best to preserve the history of the internet, and has since expanded its reach into other areas, like computer games (and game consoles). And not it's time for malware and viruses to receive the same treatment in the new Malware Museum.

You'll be able to try out most using an emulator running on your browser (just like what happened with the games), and you won't have to worry about any potential ill effects, as these virus and malware have had their harmful bits removed. So, you'll just get the "good parts" which some of you might still remember.

One other thing you'll remember (or find out) is that, back then, virus and malware were quite a bit more fun and creative. Some went as far as playing "music" while ruining your day, while other simply made the letters fall off from your screen.

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