Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Get 2GB of free Google space today

To celebrate the Safer Internet Day, Google is offering an added 2GB of free space for those reviewing their security checklist.

Keeping your Google account safe is paramount, considering most people will use it as their main internet point, using their gmail email for registering in other online services they use. So Google once again incentives you to review if there's nothing suspicious about it with a simple security checklist you can follow through it some easy clicks.

It will ask you to verify your current recovery methods, other services you've given access to, which devices have been accessing your Google account, etc. And it's the perfect time to lock down all the things you might not be using anymore. In the end, you'll receive an additional 2G of free space (in addition to those you probably have from last year's security checkup bonus).

You can check how much space you have on your storage management page, and simply hover the mouse pointer over the pie chart to get a more detailed view about what is using up your Google cloud space, as well as where the extra space is coming from (and if it's about to expire, should it be a timed promotion.)

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