Friday, February 19, 2016

John McAfee offers to crack San Bernardino shooter's iPhone for free

John McAfee has been quite a character over the past few years, and now jumps back into action in regards tothe FBI vs Apple case over the locked iPhone, offering his services to crack the device for free - but not because it sides with the FBI, quite the contrary.

Apple has taken a stand and said it would be a very seriou mistake to add a backdoor to its iOS system, that would leave everyone at risk, and has since received support from companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even - if more timidly - from Microsoft. And now, John McAfee jumps in and says he'll crack the iPhone without any problems.

But McAfee says he won't do it because he sides with the FBI, but just as a way to prevent Apple, and others, from being forced to add backdoors into their products, which he considers to be something like to the end of the world, from a digital security standpoint. In fact, he says the US cyber security is practically non-existent, because unlike its enemies, it's not willing to hire hackers with piercings and weird hair, that have requirements such as smoking weed while they work. Hackers like the one he says he has on his team, and that will easily crack the iPhone.

He also makes the point that he's the only one on the first page of Google's results should you search for "Cybersecurity Legend", and that he's willing to eat a shoe on TV should he fail to deliver on his promises.

... And you'd think "reality TV" only happened on TV...

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