Thursday, February 18, 2016

CloudReady turns old PCs into usable Chromebooks

If you have a computer that this too slow to use, maybe it's time to breath a new life into it with Neverware's CloudReady, that will turn it into a much faster Chromebook machine.

It's quite common for Windows computers to start getting slower and slower as years go by. Only when things get really bad - like taking over 3 or 4 minutos to boot - people realize they can't take it any longer and start looking for a new computer. With Neverware's CloudReady you may not have to, as it can turn your old computer into a speedy Chromebook.

Neverware can't use the Chromebook name, as it belongs to Google, but the result is the same: your old PC that took minutes to boot windows will boot into a Chromium browser in a dozen of seconds, and you'll find you can actually use it to do anything you'd need to do on the web. Sure, this isn't the only "old-oriented" system out there (Lubuntu comes to mind), and you may want to try others, but if you just want a machine to browse the web, this is probably one of the easiest ways to do it.

You can download CloudReady for free (there's also a paid version for schools, with extra management options) and you need only a USB pen to try it out on your o computer, installing it in dual boot mode not to mess around with your existing windows installation, or installing it as the sole OS in your machine.

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