Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lightroom 2.0 for Android can snap RAW photos

Photo fans will want to try out the new Lightroom 2.0 for Android which, among several added features, can now capture photos in RAW (DNG) format.

Shooting in RAW is more popular in DSLR cameras, but is bound to become popular as well in mobile devices. Instead of storing just a processed JPEG, a RAW image keeps the entire unprocessed data captured by the image sensor, which giver a far greater latitude to work with in post-processing.

Keep in mind not all Android smartphones can capture RAW photos, but even if your's doesn't there are lots other things that will be worth your time.

  • Shoot-through presets, also available within the in-app camera, enabling previewing and capturing images with a series of built-in presets providing non-destructive editing
  • Dehaze tool to adjust haze and fog in an image
  • Split Toning enhancement, enabling the addition of a color cast to the highlights and shadows of an image, creating a uniquely stylized color image or replicating the look and feel of a traditional toned black and white image
  • Target Adjustment Tool functionality in the Color/B&W editing tool, providing direct, on-image editing controls
  • Point mode in Curve tool providing complete control over the tonality and contrast of an image
  • Enhanced sharing with one-tap access to Adobe Premiere Clip for crafting video stories.

Lightroom for Android 2.0 is available for free in Google's Play Store.

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