Saturday, March 12, 2016

Android N speeds up app installs

If you have an Android, you must have wondered why some apps take forever to install; thankfully, that should not be the case with the upcoming Android N.

It's incredibly annoying to download one app, in just a few seconds, and then have to wait several minutes for the install processo to finish. It's annoying but easily explained: Android compiles and optimizes the app after you download (or update it), so that it will run at the best possible speed whenever you execute it in the future.

But Android N will switch to a JIT compiler (just-in-time) that gets rid of those lengthy delays, but promises to be even more efficient: not only compiling apps in near real-time speed, but also be able to keep optimizing it more and more as you use it. Simply put, should you have a complex app that you use for just one specific thing, the new Android N should be smart enough to optimize it for that operation alone.

But, how does this translate into real world results? Well, a test made with a Nexus 6P and Galaxy S7 (with Android N and M, respectively) show us just that, for the popular Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps:
  • Facebook Messenger:
    Nexus 6P: 17 sec.   vs   Galaxy S7: 45 sec.

  • Facebook:
    Nexus 6P: 32 sec.   vs   Galaxy S7: 3 min. 21 sec.

And as an added benefit, you'll no longer have to wait for the lengthy app optimization process that used to occur after each and every system update, no matter how small it was. (A process that could run will into the dozens of minutes should you have a lot of apps installed - and during which you could do nothing with your smartphone or tablet.)

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