Thursday, March 17, 2016

JUSE will never really charge again

JUSE was a crowfunding project that promised to deliver solar-powered smartphone cases that would mean you'd never have to charge it again. Well, you won't, but not for the best reasons... JUSE is yet another failed Indiegogo project that scammed investors out of their money.

We've talked about JUSE in 2014 when it launched its Indiegogo campaign, and right from the start we were highly suspicious of this project, which sounded too good to be true (and we all know how that ends, don't we?) Fast forward a couple of years and that becomes a certainty.

I had scheduled a check one year ago, but at the time the project creators were talking about unforeseen problems and delays, and still promising to deliver the goods (eventually). Well, no problem, I gave them another year to do so... and now that the time is up, there's no doubt about that happened. They stopped posting updates and replying to comments over 8 months ago, and now the project page is only visited by those still hoping to receive their money back.

If you were ever caught in a scam/failed project in Indiegogo you'll know that the official position from Indiegogo is simply "we don't have nothing to do with it, move along now..." So, there's nothing left for current backers to learn from this mistake and act accordingly in the future.

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