Friday, March 18, 2016

Speed up your iPhone by disabling springboard animations using a bug

The iOS is considered a fast and fluid operating system, but there's a way it can be even faster, by disabling its transitions and animations... using a bug.

Apple has pushed things a bit too far in recente iOS, by using some slowish animations and transitions across the board (entering folders, apps, returning to the home screen, etc.) Worse still, there's no way to disable it, you can simply "reduce it" but never get rid of them completely - unless you resort to a curious bug that does just that:
  1. You need to activate Assistive Touch, in "Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch"
  2. Go back to the home Screen and drag the Assistive Touch icon to the bottom right of the screen
  3. Drag down on the home screen to call spotlight, and as soon as the Assistive Touch icon gets pushed upwards by the keyboard, touch anywhere else to exit sportlight
  4. Do the previous step over and over again, until you notice it's faster
  5. Now, you should have no animations, and have instant transitions to whatever you do.
Keep in mind that the "slow" transitions Apple uses are there to "hide" things like loading times and such. Without such transitions, things are visually faster, but you may notice apps still loading or other symptoms that were hidden by the animation process. In any case, you need only to reboot your iPhone to get it back to its usual self with transitions.

In another note, I begin to suspect that these "bugs" are just a clever way devised by some Apple Developers to put some non-approved features into iOS (like the bug that allows hiding iOS system apps.)

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