Friday, April 22, 2016

Blocking adblocker users may be illegal in Europe

The war between content providers wishing to push as many ads as possible and users using adblockers will be long and hard. But in Europe, there's a subtle twist that may add fuel to the fire, as it's seemingly illegal for sites to block users using adblockers.

News sites have already tried to make it illegal for users to use adblockers, stating they're messing up with their content; and when they failed, some tried using adblocker detection and blocking scripts, presenting users with a message that they should disable the adblocker in order to view their content.

The thing is, according to the European digirtal privacyt laws this might be illegal, as it requires the sites to collect users data without consent. This means, sites can't simply check if users are blocking their ads, as this alone is illegal - unless they first consent to being probed.

It sure would be poetic justice, for these sites to be on thr wrong side of the law as they try to push more and more annoying and intrusive ads - the kind that drives users to use adblockers in the first place.

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