Saturday, April 23, 2016

EU wants Facebook to get parent's consent for users under 16

Facebook's gripes with European legislation seem to have no end in sight, and soon it will need to have parent's consent for users under 16 years old to register on its service (though the same rule will apply to all other social network as well.)

In 2018 the EU will require parent's consent for users under 16 to be able to register on social networks; and although we can understand the "idea" behind it, it won't take a genius to realize this is completely unenforceable.

Social networks already present a "minimum age" warning, requiring users to be of a certain age. But this is done using a simple checkbox, or "enter you birth date" - which anyone can fake without batting an eye, as done in many other age restricted sites. But the European law makers don't care much about how ineffective such requirement will be, saying only that social network will need to implement "reasonable" ways to enforce the age restriction and parent's consent - whatever that may mean.

... One has to keep in mind that this is the same sort of people that have already trained millions of European users to mindlessly click on whatever popups pop up on a web page, via the obnoxious requirement to get users to consent to cookie usage whenever they visit any site. So, now it seems they're trying to make kids lie (even more) about their age when they want to use a social network.

Don't be surprised for social networks to suddenly have a surge of "over-16" users in 2018... or... what else would they expect?

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