Friday, April 1, 2016

Facebook to ban belly button photos

After nipples, Facebook will soon begin to target belly buttons as undesirable body elements in photos, and you better be extra careful when posting photos in the world's largest social network.

When the rest of the world is still struggling to understand why Facebook (and the USA in general) considers female nipples so offensive - while at the same time it's perfectly fine with male nipples (as well as extra-sized breasts, as longs as there's a few millimeters of cloth covering the offending nipple) - Facebook's about to puzzle users even more, by banning photos with visible belly buttons.

At least this time there are no distinctions between female and male belly buttons nor if they have piercings, all belly buttons will be banned alike, which doesn't help understanding why Facebook considers this body element "undesirable". Some experts fear that this ban may lead to an increase in plastic surgeries for belly button removal, particularly in the younger generations; and that in the long run, it even may end up causing society to frown upon belly button, and consider no-belly-button navels to be the "norm" rather than the exception.

One can only hope that this Facebook trend won't expand to other sinking or protruding body parts, or else we'll risk see this ban apply to ears, noses, and even mouths. And if that happens, I can't stop but wonder if there are people that would consider removing those as well.

... Happy April's Fool day. :)

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