Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tesla unveils the Model 3

A decade later, Elon Musk finally delivers on his promise of an electric car for the masses. The new Model 3 is here (sort of) and over 100,000 people lined up to buy a car they've never seen and will have to wait almost two years to drive.

Unlike the previous Teslas, the new Model 3 starts at a much more affordable level of $35000, and has a range of 215 miles that Tesla hopes to improve by the time it actually launches - by the end of 2017. Though it's still a long way off, over 100,000 people ponied up $1000 upfront in order to be the first ones to receive one (and created lines not unlike the ones we're used to see on iPhone launches).

The $35k is the price for the base model, and you can bet it will quickly escalate as you start piling up extras like 4x4 traction and super fast launch capabilities. But you get some nice features as standard, such as the extra large touchscreen (now in landscape mode), which although it looks like a tablet placed haphazardly in the dashboard, at least it will ease up any repair/replacing that might need to be done.

Now we need only wait for what's coming next, as Elon Musk said this Model 3 announcement was only the "first part" and that there was more to come.

As for me, I'll just say as Bruce Wayne: "Does it come in black?" ... And yes it does! :)

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