Monday, April 4, 2016

iPhone SE is water proof

Looks like the new (and cheaper) iPhone SE has learned a few secret tricks; and just as we had found with the iPhone 6S, it's also water resistant.

When the iPhone 6S was launched, people soon found out that, while Apple didn't announce it as waterproof, the device could actually survive long term immersion in water without any issues at all, leading us to believe that the iPhone 6S is secretly waterproof.

Now, there's a new test that placed three iPhones in water, and the iPhone SE also manages to endure the ordeal without major issues. In fact, it kept working even after being submerged for over 1h (in comparison, the iPhone 5S stopped working after just 5 minutes.)

As always, this doesn't mean you should go swimming with your iPhone... but, should it happen to take a dive, it's highly likely you won't have to think about replacing it.

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