Wednesday, May 4, 2016

10y old gets $10,000 for Instagram bug

No one likes bugs... unless you end up getting $10k from Facebook, for finding a nasty Instagram bug, like Jani, a 10 year old finish kid.

Looks like there's no age limit to become a hacker, and they're getting younger by the day. Young Jani may be only 10 years old, but that didn't keep him from receiving 10 thousand dollars from Facebook for finding a critical bug on Instagram that allowed anyone to delete any comment from any other user.

This is something Jani found out by playing with a private Instagram API that failed to validate the delete comment command, that should allow users to delete only their own comments. But that's a flaw that came in handy, because not only he gets to be one of the younger hackers ever to be rewarded by Facebook, but also allows him to get some sports equipment and a new bike. (For that amount he could even get an electric bike and then some. :)

How many of us have been able to say that they got $10k from Facebook by the time they were 10? (Although in my case I have a very plausible excuse: as there were no Facebook - nor even internet access easily available when I was 10! ;P :)

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