Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Samsung Safety Screen app keeps kids from holding tablets too close to their eyes

Tablets and smartphones make us spend even more time looking at computer screens at a closer distance. This is something can strain our eyes and is more worrisome in children. Samsung has launched an app that can help with that, making sure kids (and grown-ups) look at their tablets from a safe distance.

Who hasn't witnesses a child "glued" to a tablet screen before? With Samsung'sSafety Screen app you won't have to continuously remind your kid to hold the tablet farther, as the app will do it for you even when you're not looking.

The app relies on the front camera of the device to keep an eye out for your kids, continuously checking if their face is too close. When that happens the app shows a warning message hiding the current screen content and prompting them to move back a little. It should be enough for kids to get the hang of it quickly... and help them reduce eye fatigue and possible future eye problems.

As the app uses the front camera continuously, it will also have an adverse impact on the battery life. But depending on how you look at it, that may be a benefit as well... as it will contribute to shorten the span your kids may spend using their tablets. :)

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