Friday, May 6, 2016

Apple Music deletes 122GB of music from composer's computer

Cloud services blur the line between local content and "cloud content" and it isn't easy to sometimes know what's really going on. For a music composer, a tiny mistake has cost him a life's worth of music and carefully created playlists, all thanks to Apple Music service.

Apple service haven't always been easy for newcomers. If you ever used iTunes you've probably lost count of the times it presented us scary popups stating we'd lose "everything" whenever we wanted to sync just a few songs or other content. This time it seems a similar non-friendly message prompted a user to delete 122GB of music from his computer - something that most likely happened not because of a bug, but due to the not-so-clear way Apple Music deals with deletions.
Though you can delete local files to save space, using the benefits of the cloud storage, the problem is that the music matchmaking system often replaces your songs for different versions of it. This might come in handy should you have low quality rips of your old CDs; but not so much for those rare old songs you were proud to have... and have now been replaced for more common versions.

Even if this 122GB error (which has been reverted because he had backups) was actually done by the user, this doesn't mean Apple should make the necessary changes to better inform users of how things work and ensure this kind of thing never happens again by mistake.

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